Kuzbass chamber of commerce and industry

Dear guests to this KCCI web site!


We are pleased to welcome you to our web pages. Here you will find useful information to ensure the successful start-up and growth of your business.

You will learn about the members of the Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). These members are our time-tested partners - they are successful, experienced and competent, and are likely to become your partners as well. You will also find out how the KCCI operates and what the KCCI can do for your business.

Today the KCCI is the largest regional chamber of commerce and industry operating east of the Ural Mountains. The services that we develop and provide are specifically tailored for those who run their own businesses and are success-driven. In turn this contributes to our Mission – to strengthen and develop the Kuzbass economy - our common goal with all enterprises, organisations, and entrepreneurs that are members of the Kuzbass Chamber.

Running a business has never been easy. The saying that "business is like a automobile - it can only go downhill, if left without a driver" is even truer today. So it is only natural that our motto is "With business and for business".

Each and every day we face new challenges and market pressures. We remain responsive to socio-economic changes that affect our important role of developing and consolidating the Kuzbass business community and raising its public profile in the region. Our strategy – is to meet the expectations of the business community through constant monitoring and developing responsive business support services. This strategy allows us to effectively address our key goals — protecting the interests of local business at government level; providing consistent support to businesses; and promoting the development of economic links.


Faithfully yours, Tatiana Alexeyeva,
President, Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry.